Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Photos from the Nature Culture exhibition

Nature Culture exhibition.
May 24 - June 2 2013 at Makers Yard.
Much of the artwork by the 17 artists.
Click for larger views.

Nature Culture at Makers Yard
Anna Spain - tarantula cocoon

Danielle Michalitsianos - tattoos on wood, nature images on the body

Fiona Emm - crochet coral

Fiona Emm - gum photography of Walthamstow Marshes

Julian Beere - sculptural installation

Julie Caves - "Babe, Won't it Bee Fine No.3"

Julie Caves - pigeon drawing and bird lights

Lucy Gregory - drawings (plus a fly theatre prop)

Maureen Gallaccio prints, Susan Comegys ultra violet photography

Michelle Reader - duck made of plastic coffee cups

Michelle Reader - duck made of plastic coffee cups (view 2)

Natalie Gray - wire sculpture puffin

Yvonne Overton's studio window

Yvonne Overton - paintings

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Installing Nature Culture

I took some snaps of the beautiful space this evening while installing the artwork at The Makers Yard.

The show looks amazing! The artwork is strong enough to not get lost in all the beauty of the place.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Paintings at The Maker's Yard

Here is a snapshot of part of one of my paintings you will see at
Nature Culture at The Makers Yard.  There will be three new paintings of bees from the series I call
Babe, Won't it Bee Fine.

2 weekends:
25-27 May
1-2 June

Friday 24 May 6-9pm

Detail of acrylic on canvas 70x80cm by Julie Caves 2013

Nature Culture exhibition

Waltham Forest Arts Club at The Makers Yard.
2 weekends: 25-27 May & 1-2 June.
PV Friday 24 May 6-9pm.

I will have a number of paintings and drawings in this exhibition.

Artists in the exhibition:
Julian Beere
Julie Caves
Susan Comegys
Fiona Emm
Maureen Gallaccio
Natalie Gray
Lucy Gregory
JJ Formeto Ajos Trust
H Locke
Danielle Michalitsianos
Yvonne Overton
Helen Porter
Michelle Reader
Sono Aoki-Scott
Tom Scott
Anna Spain

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Working towards The Crypt show

Here is a detail snap of a painting for the show at The Crypt in October. The whole painting is 70x100cm acrylic.