Saturday, June 28, 2014

Art Floats

For the Leytonstone Arts Trail this year Waltham Forest Arts Cluban artist-led organisation that creates community art projects and organises member exhibitions throughout the year, of which I am an organiser, wanted to take an art exhibition out into the community, stopping to set up the exhibition for a short time and then moving to the next location.  This way we could expand the Arts Trail out from the centre.  We were happy when we were loaned a milk float for the two mornings of the project.  We built the project around the float and named it ‘Art Floats’.  Unfortunately at the last minute the dairy found out their insurer had changed their mind and they had to withdraw.  With such a short time left Arts Club settled on a 7-seater and modified the display system for the artworks.  The car will be decorated with balloons to go along with the original name.

‘Art Floats’ is a mobile art exhibition that will be in three locations on the two Saturdays of the Leytonstone Arts Trail, July 5th and 12th.  Starting at Hollow Ponds, across from the Alfred Hitchcock Hotel, at 10:00, moving to St John’s Church near the tube station for 11:30 with the final setting-up of the exhibition being at 1:00 at Langthorne Park.  It will be a quick-change take down of the exhibition each time with the group of artists following after the car in public transport with banners and signs saying: Follow us to Art Floats!  I keep saying “We are taking the art to the people!”

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Leytonstone Arts Trail 2014 Guide

The group exhibition includes artists Julie Caves, Helen Porter, Natalie Gray, Veronica Lindsay-Addy, Sue Higgins, Mo Morris, Valeria Bateson, and Olivier Tafforin.  Alongside the exhibition Nicolette Murin will be explaining the proposed new Art Lending scheme, as well as exhibiting an artwork herself. Brett Banks will be demonstrating his work on a small stone sculpture. There will be a chance to make something to add to the exhibition with the monoprinting workshop, materials provided by Jackson’s Art Supplies.

The group hopes to repeat the project next year, perhaps for the E17 Art Trail, this time as originally planned with a milk float.  If you have a milk float and would be interested in working with them please contact them at walthamforestartsclub at

‘Leaf Shadow’ oil painting by Julie Caves