Monday, October 09, 2006

Prelude exhibit review

The Prelude Fair last weekend was a great setting with a lot of visitors who were very encouraging. I had a great booth partner, my friend Karen, and met some wonderful artists. The worked looked good and the audience appreciated it. Some even thanked us for being there and brightening their day!

Manchester Artists' Book Fair was great

We went to the Manchester Artists Book Fair on September 30. It was great! The other participants were friendly, the weather was fair, the building was nice, the visitors were interested and the work was interesting!

Here is a picture of me at my table with some friends who came to see me. Notice my new imprint logo on the wall behind me!

Liberté d´Expression

I have a small (24x24in) colourful painting called Opposites Attract at Liberté d´Expression Art Exhibition. To see it choose the Abstract and Cubism G-J section from the menu.