Friday, December 09, 2016

Lubomirov Angus-Hughes Fancy Xmas Bazaar 2016

Lubomirov Angus-Hughes Fancy Xmas Bazaar
9-18 December 2016

Lubomirov / Angus-Hughes Gallery
26 Lower Clapton Road
E5 0PD

 Facebook event page.

A huge event with hundreds of artworks.  This is just a small part.

A photo from the Lubomirov Angus-Hughes Fancy Xmas Bazaar last week.
Mine were unframed so propped on the floor, the 2 on the left are mine. The oil painting in the centre sold.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Penny Pinchers Carpet

The Penny Pinchers Carpet
9 December 2016 - 10 February 2017

Mischievous Artist Follie Gioir, asks us to look at the portable art in our pockets via the humble penny. With a knowing wink to global art market preoccupations of monetary value, via notions of originality, rarity and provenance. The artist continues to explore his obsessions with the grandfather of contemporary art Marcel Duchamp- with this ultimate ready made, the penny. Taking copper as his chosen medium, the installation will colour, bloom, blush and rust exposed to the environment at Elements Gallery London, the city's first permanent space dedicated to outdoor art. Penny Pinchers Carpet curated by Rebecca Feiner is a joint fundraiser for International Rescue UK & Bowel Cancer Research through auction of pennies in February 2017.

Elements Gallery London
26 Lower Clapton Road (at the junction of Urswick Rd)
E5 0PD

Facebook event page.

'Food', 'Clothing' and 'Shelter' oil paintings.
Julie Caves painted a set of 3 pennies for 'Penny Pinchers Carpet' by Follie Gioir
at Rebecca Feiner's Elements Gallery at Lubomirov Angus-Hughes.
(also: 'bread', penny loafers and cash under the mattress.)

'Food', 'Clothing' and 'Shelter' in situ at 'Penny Pinchers Carpet' mounted by Follie Gioir

My photo of Follie Gioir's installation at 'Penny Pinchers Carpet'.

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Palimpsest exhibition in Germany

'Chocolate Factory' (detail)
Julie Caves
Rice paper, candy floss sticks, lollipop sticks, acrylic paint. 30x120cm , double-sided.
Currently in the 'Palimpsest' exhibition in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany organised by Katja Rosenberg.

Monday, October 10, 2016

My Raffle Painting for the Mill Fundraiser

The Mill charity postcard raffle is over so I can reveal my 'mystery' painting.

'Ride'. Oil painting on primed paper 10x15cm. 
Julie Caves. July 2016

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Greatest Little Art Show 2

I have made a small painting especially for this secret-postcard fundraising art event in aid of The Mill and Forest Churches Emergency Night Shelters. It is a secret so you will have to guess which is mine.

Exhibition: 8 September – 1 October 2016
Raffle draw: 1 October.
Online raffle sales close 30 Sept at 6pm sharp.

"The Greatest little Art Show & Raffle 2" 
100 postcard-sized pieces of art to raffle, donated by local special needs school children, artists, local luminaries and a very famous street artist. 

The funds raised this year will help pay our rent and keep us open to all for another year, also help pay for up to 50 local people to have a warm bed for the night in the emergency night shelter.

The exhibition and raffle runs 8th September until 1st October.  Private view, Thursday 8th September 6.30-9.30 
There's also a closing gala, Saturday 1 October 10-4 at The Mill, there will be mocktails, cake and of course the raffle which starts at 2pm.  All the postcards will be on display, you can meet most of the artists and you'll be the first to taste our new mocktails- The Mill Mojito & The Coppermill Sunset. 

The Mill 
7-11 Coppermill Lane 
E17 7HA 
Nearest station St. James Street which is only 13 mins from Liverpool Street station. 

Raffle tickets can be bought in person at The Mill during its normal opening hours or from the comfort of your own mobile phone http://themill- little-art-show-e17-2/ NB online sales close 30 sept at 6pm sharp. I'd like to thank all the artist for their time, kindness and talent. This would not be possible without them also, The Mills volunteers and the kind generosity of our exhibition sponsors, Estates17, Jacksons Art Supplies and Pictorem Framers. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

After the Sea

After The Sea
An exhibition on the seafront in Margate.
29 September - 30 October 2016

Look out of the window of Bernie’s Chocolate Bar and you’ll see the shining Margate sands, the sea and across the harbour the Turner Contemporary. Inside, for the whole month of October, the walls will be filled with work by two artists: Julie Caves (that's me) and H Locke. The exhibition will include over 30 paintings, drawings and prints.

Having set up a studio in Margate in 2014, Julie Caves and H Locke spend a lot of time by the sea – beachcombing, painting and drawing – with regular pit stops in Bernie’s to defrost from the off-season wintery seaside weather. They have explored Margate and Cliftonville during the recent years of transition for the area and this has heavily influenced the work they are showing.

After The Sea 

Bernie’s Chocolate Bar
2-14 High Street

'Margate 3'
Julie Caves
oil on canvas, 80x100cm

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Thanet Open Studios 2016

I am participating in Thanet Open Studios this year with the makers collective Made in Margate. The exhibition includes 25 artists showing at Viking Gallery in Cliftonville, Margate.

13 & 14 August, then 18-21 August with an open evening on Saturday 13 August 2016.

Viking Gallery
Cliftonville Avenue

I will be showing a series of small (15x15cm) oil on linen paintings.

Nine paintings by Julie Caves from a series of small (15x15cm) oil on linen paintings

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Looking Up

I am showing in 'Looking Up', Studio1.1 Gallery Summer Member's Show with an anti-austerity theme.

5 - 28 August 2016 
Private view Thursday 4 August 6 – 9 pm


57a Redchurch St
LondonE2 7DJ

'Salty Foam in my Mouth'
Julie Caves
30x40cm, oil on panel, 2016

Mark Bell, Anna Jung Seo, Anne Parfitt, Emma Coop, Eugenia Cuellar, Sarah Knill-Jones, Gemma Cossey, Lorraine Robbins, Marianne Shorten, Olha Pryymak, Soozy Roberts, Julie Caves, Wayne Clough, Emma Tod, Hitomi Kammai, Wendy Saunders, Ruth Philo, David Sullivan, Paula MacArthur, Heidi Ferid, Fernando Leon-Guiu, Stephen Buckeridge, Etienne de Villiers, Sacha Meaden, Madi Acharya-Baskerville, Richard Harris, Russell Terry, Kelly Sweeney. Deborah Westmancoat, Cool Diabang Mory.


'Of all the buzzwords we've had to get used to over the past few years, ('buzzwords' included) 'austerity' is one of the most popular. Popular with agenda-pushing politicians, that is. Not necessarily so welcome to the rest of us.
In the spirit of hope (against hope) we'd like to offer our Summer show, chosen from among studio1.1's membership. We asked for excess, exuberance and excitement. We got all of those in good measure and some sharp doses of irony too. We hope it helps.'

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Painting Without Beginning or End

Painting Without Beginning or End
An exhibition of paintings by Julie Caves - darkness, light, colour and texture. Part of the 9-day long East London arts festival- the Leytonstone Arts Trail (2-10 July 2016)

In the Function Room of the lovely, re-opened Heathcote Arms - 344 Grove Green Rd, London E11 4EA. (You will pass through this room if you are heading to their very nice garden.) A 5-minute walk from Leytonstone station. 
The pub is open: 12-Midnight Mon-Thu; 12-1am Fri & Sat; 12-Midnight Sun.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Leytonstone Arts Trail 2016

This will be the ninth Leytonstone Arts Trail!
Preview evenings on 30th June and 1st July will kick-off the Trail which runs 2-10 July 2016.

68 exhibitions, two full pages of events plus projects like the Gateposts Project.

You can flip through the guide soon on the website and in the meantime on the website you can read more about the artists and exhibitions.  When they are printed you'll be able to pick up a guide at the Stone Space Gallery, the Leytonstone Library, both near Leytonstone station, and many of the participating venues.

I will be participating in a few exhibitions and events:
I will have six to eight large paintings in the events room at the Heathcote Arms pub (you will pass it on the corner if you are walking from Leytonstone station to Norlington Road Studios.) My two paintings in the Waltham Forest Arts Club show at St John’s are a result of looking at gravitational waves a few years ago. I am working on some sculptures for that show as well; I am primarily a painter but often turn to sculpture when creating site specific work. I am making small acrylic paintings on paper from my Whole Picture series for the Art Grows on Trees in the churchyard. For the ‘Gateposts Project’ I will have a paper sculpture in a tree, some small art to take away and a pouch of flyers from my Have A Nice Day project (2004-ongoing) in the front garden of art lovers in Leytonstone.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Serena Joy - World Book Night 2016

A collaborative book, 'Serena Joy', was created by a group of 43 book artists for World Book Night 2016. The ideas were based on The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood.

Read about the project on the website - Centre for Fine Print Research at UWE Bristol.

A video of all the artworks being put into sets.

My Stamp for the Project

Monday, April 18, 2016

Discovery: Reimagining Darwin’s World

Discovery: Reimagining Darwin’s World

180 years ago Charles Darwin returned from a five year voyage around the world and published ‘The Voyage of the Beagle’. For this exhibition 12 artists have made work with ideas related to science, discovery, imaginative thought and the Victorian world.

In 1831 22-year old geology graduate Charles Darwin was invited to be the resident naturalist on an expedition aboard HMS Beagle. The main purpose of the voyage was to carry out detailed hydrographic surveys (of the geology of the seabed to obtain information for maritime navigation and marine construction) around the coasts of the southern part of South America. In 1836, after five years at sea instead of the originally planned two years, the ship returned by way of Tahiti and Australia after having circumnavigated the Earth. Darwin spent most of his time on land studying nature and interacting with the locals and kept a detailed journal of the expedition that became a popular travel book of the time: ‘The Voyage of the Beagle’. The book is a mixture of a travel memoir and a detailed scientific field journal covering biology, geology, and anthropology and you can see some of Darwin’s early thinking on the subject of natural selection that he would later become best-known for.

On the 180th anniversary of the return of the Beagle to the UK, twelve contemporary artists have created an exhibition celebrating the voyage, the man, his journal and his ideas. The exhibition is taking place at the beautiful Espacio Gallery in East London, with two floors of light-filled space, 3rd – 15th May 2016.

Graham Asker, Julie Caves, Alice Cazenave, Esperanza Gomez-Carrera, Nick Hazzard, Peter Lang, Ruth Jones, Natalie McIntyre, Jenny Price, Liz Whiteman Smith, Matt Smith, Sara Wickenden

 Lichen Twig drawing - Julie Caves 

English Oak - Julie Caves 

Oak Leaf Cluster - Julie Caves 

For many years I have been visiting a 185-acre patch of woodland and grassland with a number of ponds near my home in East London that most people call Hollow Ponds. For this project I have changed from my casual approach and instead observed like a naturalist in an attempt to understand this interesting area better. Throughout the seasons I have been seen in every part of the area with camera, easel, sketchbook, video camera, collecting boxes, or lichen charts and always with my notebook. I researched old maps and photos and talked to people about the area. I have carried out an intensive observation in a methodical manner of discovery similar to that which Darwin employed on his journey. I have created paintings and drawings that reflect the discoveries I have made during my immersion in the forest.

In a grove of oak trees I carried out a project called 'Drawing a Tree with a Piece of the Tree While the Tree is Drawing'. I created a mechanism for holding a pen upright over a vertical sheet of paper with strings travelling up to the branches. When the wind moves the branches the pen is moved over the paper. While the set-up was in place and the tree was drawing I drew a picture of the tree using ink and a fallen twig from the tree. I am showing one of my drawings and one of the tree's drawing and I have made an artists' book about the project. -Julie Caves

Facebook event page.

Read about the other artists in the exhibition on the Jackson's Art blog.