Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pictures from the Cafe Gallery show

Twilight No 10, from my Twilight series, went out to a show. It is the blue one at the top.
It is oil and acrylic on linen, 30x40cm, made this April and May.
It was in Southwark Park at Cafe Gallery Projects.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Art you can wear.

I am trying a new thing.
I made some brooches using tiny versions of the original prints that I have recently started making. (See 2 posts earlier for a definition of those.) The pins are lightweight, sturdy, fun, and really quite lovely. They are 5cm square (2 inches). They made their debut at the Open Studios this weekend. I wasn't sure how well they would be received but they were very popular! I am so pleased!

Here are some pictures. I will be making some more for the Open Studios weekend part 2 coming up. Hope to see you there!


This weekend at the Open Studios

Here are some pictures of my studio this weekend at the Open Studios. Part 2 of the Open Studios is next weekend so if you missed this weekend, all is not lost! I am working on more brooches (see next post) and gathering up about 40 paintings, small work on canvas and studies for larger pieces, that I will be priced £30 to £100.


Saturday, December 06, 2008

Misuse of terms

I have to say something.

I think that most people that misuse the term "original print" do not do so on purpose, they do not mean to be lying. They are not aware of the facts and are laying claim to a term that belongs to another group of artwork. To have an original work of art (a watercolour painting, for example) scanned and then reproduced as a print means that there was an original and that the printed items are reproductions. They are not original prints.

An original print is one that is made to be a print as its original form. It is not a reproduction of a watercolour painting, for example. The original version of an original print is the print.

This can be a woodcut, lithograph, photograph, screenprint, or digital print. They are multiples of the same image, but that image has never existed except as this print. An original print is not a copy of another artwork.

A print made from a scan of your painting can be a limited edition, it can be signed, it can be a giclee print (which is a fine art term for an archival quality ink-jet print), but if your print is a copy of a painting it cannot be called an original print.

Now you know.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Open Studios private view

Just got back from the open studios. It was a great night!
It stopped raining just in time.
Loads of friends came, well spaced throughout the evening. The mulled wine I had in my John Butler tea bowl / mug that I love, warmed my cockles and his bowl warmed my hands.

I met lots of new people and had some really good conversations. I do love that we all stand around and talk about my art! I sold some books and some of my new brooches that I made with my prints. Giraffes and colourful autumn leaves are definitely irrisistible!

We are open for this weekend and next weekend. Please stop by for a visit! (I have chocolate coins! If there are any left...)


Monday, December 01, 2008

London Snow

It snowed in October and I made this.

London Snow 3
An original print of a manipulated photo by Julie Caves. 2008

Chocolate Factory N16 Open Studios

I have some new paintings and some prints of paintings. If they are finished in time I will also have some brooches of paintings!

As always, I will have a selection of small paintings and studies on canvas and paper that will be at very affordable prices.

28 artists open their studios in this great studio complex in North East London. Fine Art, Ceramics and more. The first two weekends in December.

Saturdays 6th & 13th December: 10am - 6pm
Sundays 7th & 14th December: 12pm - 6pm

It's Open Studios time again!
Discovery time!
Fine Art, Ceramics and more.
Come and browse.....come and buy!
Cash and Cheques only please.