Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I love the autumn. Always have.
September rocks!
I have been nearly overcome the last few weeks by a thrill that feels both exciting and scary. The world is full of possibilities. The sun is out but there is a little hint of the chill to come. This perfect place between two extremes happens a bit earlier here in the UK than back in the South. I think it's about the sky, too.
(Could be why I loved school. And did better in the Autumn term than the Spring...hmmm)

This glorious feeling is a complex combination of happiness and feeling a bit sad or scared. Maybe it's like stepping onto a plane to go off to your exciting but scary future. You can't wait!
I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the air and that dizziness is enhanced by the slight feeling of something not quite right.
It is exhilarating and peculiar and wonderful.
That's why I love autumn.

This is a painting I made earlier this year called 'Autumn 4'.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mile of Art 2006 is cancelled!

Oh No! We have just been told that the Hackney Mile of Art
has been cancelled! :-(
It was to be in 2 weeks but the organisers said "too many of our regular artists have made other commitments". I guess it does take a lot of art to make a mile of it! So, they will try again next year but earlier in the summer (and I hope with a bit more advance notice and publicity).
The Good News: My friend Claire (see photo below) was so looking forward to being a barrow girl ("roll up! roll up!") that we are going to look into a market stall in Brick Lane for a weekend! And I say: I made the paintings for Mile of Art already so let's go flog 'em!
It'll need to be soon, while the weather holds...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Thelma and Louise

This is what a 120x150cm painting looks like when it just barely fits in the back of a van. This is my friend Claire who drove the 11 hour return journey in 1 day as I chattered constantly alongside her and occasionally remembered to navigate. Neither rain nor traffic nor distance deterred us!
The painting will be in the Sefton Open! See entry for last Aug 2 titled Sefton Open for more info.
Thanks Claire!