Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Artist book in show in Manchester

My small book 'H on a Train' is in an exhibition in Manchester called "Sitting Room" that starts this week.
Here is part of their explanation on their web site at:
  • Manchester Craft and Design Centre

  • "From May 25th the Manchester Craft and Design Centre will host an
    exciting and unusual exhibition dedicated to the art of sitting and
    reading. The setting is a carefully re-created Sitting room complete
    with comfortable armchairs, standard lamp, wallpaper, coffee table and
    gramophone, inviting visitors to the centre to peruse the unique
    display of artist’s books (that is to say, books that are made by
    Within this familiar domestic scene, emphasis is placed upon the
    engagement between the book and the reader. Visitors are encouraged to
    choose an artist’s book from the bookcase, make themselves at home in
    the sitting room and enjoy this rare opportunity to handle and interact
    with the limited edition artists-made book works."

    Sunday, May 14, 2006

    The latest news for Julie Caves, May 2006:

    The Coffee Corner café, where Belgrade Road meets Wordsworth Road N16, will be filled with my paintings, including a series of six paintings called Autumn Landscapes, for the month of August. More about this and some pictures coming soon.

    I have just finished a large painting called Going Out Of Business, questioning the current relevance of Darwin’s concept of survival of the fittest and entered it into a competition in Shrewsbury.

    I have an artist’s book in an exhibit called Sitting Room at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre, that runs from 26 May to 15 July.

    I recently had an artists’ book, Have A Nice Day, acquired by Manchester Metropolitan University Library.

    Since last autumn I have been expanding my printmaking activity from the digital prints I have been doing for the last few years to include monotypes and mixed media work.

    Monday, May 08, 2006

    Liverpool Gallery View Two

    As of 6 May 2006 I am being represented by View Two Gallery at 23 Mathew Street Liverpool L2 6RE. All the work at the gallery is really great. It is the largest private gallery in Liverpool, and has three floors. Two of my paintings will be on the first floor. Ken Martin, the owner, said that they were "fresh and crisp, different to anything else he has seen".
    Like most of my other paintings they are very colourful. Here are images of the 2 paintings. They are 30x30 inches, acrylic on canvas.

    Exterior Space No. 101

    Interior Space No. 100