Friday, January 22, 2010

'Collect' Sneak Preview

'Collect', the exhibit I am in, is featured on Sneak Previews on Axis! How exciting!

Collect exhibition

I have been invited to put three bookworks in a show at Westgate Studios called 'Collect'. It is a paper based exhibition featuring artists from around the UK. The exhibition runs from 27/01/10 - 10/02/10. The opening night (27th January 5-9pm) also coincides with Wakefield's bi-monthly Artwalk.


Louise Atkinson
Julie Caves
Katherine Johnson and Stacey Allen
Steffan Jones- Hughes
Simon Lewandowski
Victoria Lucas
Andy Singleton

Collect is an exhibition that features the loved object created using paper based materials. The artists selected are all concerned with the passionate interest we have for personal possessions, and the objects of the everyday.

Collections are extraordinary instruments that allow us to learn about the civilisations we live in, past and present. They allow us to rationalise the passage of time, putting our fears surrounding the constant loss time demands temporarily at rest. Most of all they tell us something about ourselves, allowing us to place ourselves in the real, to remember, and to make ourselves feel more alive.

Text by Victoria Lucas, exhibition curator.

COLLECT is a free exhibition. It opens on 27th January 2010 from 5-9pm.

More on the Westgate Studios blog.
On Arts News
There is a Facebook Event page for this show.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pieces out in the world

I have been thinking about my work that is no longer with me, that has gone out into the world. If I really like a painting, if it is really good, it is hard to let it go. But I have these photos left. And I really am glad that people liked these paintings enough to take them home and live with them. These mixed feelings could be a definition of bittersweet.
This painting is Calligraphy 1. 50x70cm, acrylic on fine texture linen canvas, painted in 2006. It was my most popular painting that year. Everyone loved it! It now lives in a home in North London. My first proper, fine-art-price sale in London. The picture is rather poor, I'm afraid. Now I take better pictures. A bit better.

This untitled painting is approximately 30x40cm, acrylic and oil pastel on watercolour paper, painted Aug 2007. It sold in December 2008.

This small painting sold Dec 2007. Acrylic on canvas, 12x16 inches.