Friday, May 30, 2014

The Whole Picture No. 4

Every year on the long, tree-lined pathway to Walthamstow Town Square in East London the trees will grow pieces of art to be picked!
Art Grows on Trees is one of Waltham Forest Arts Club's projects for the E17 Art Trail 2014.

My work for the project: this will be the fourth year I have continued this idea.
The Whole Picture No. 4
A painting project by Julie Caves
I created a 22x30in acrylic painting on paper and cut it into 30 pieces and marked on the back to show its place. They each make a nice artwork that can be framed.  Plus there is the possibility that sometime in the future all 30 recipients will get together and the pieces of the painting will be reunited and they can see the whole picture.

I am installing 10 of the 30 on each of the three Saturday mornings of the project - May 31, June 7 & 14.

Click on the images for larger views-

The Whole Picture No. 4, Julie Caves
22x30 inch acrylic painting on heavy cotton paper
painted and varnished

The Whole Picture No. 4, Julie Caves
cut into 30 smaller paintings

The Whole Picture No. 4, Julie Caves
cut into 30 smaller paintings

The Whole Picture No. 4, Julie Caves
packaged and ready to install in the trees

Art waiting to be picked!

Organised by Katja Rosenberg

Open Studios at Blackhorse Lane Studios 2014

Blackhorse Lane Open Studios

Friday 6th to Sunday 8th May

Long-time Blackhorse Lane residents Blackhorse Lane Studios are back after a two year break with their always popular Open Studios weekend, featuring 28 artists opening up their workshops to reveal their varied practices, alongside a packed programme of events: 

28 Open Studios / Silent Auction / ‘Artworks Open’ / Kids Quiz / Blackhorse Arts Trek / & More! 

Barbican Arts Group Trust Silent Auction - see the 64 works and submit your bid

As always this will include a chance to bid for one of the many original artworks displayed around the building in our Silent Auction. Bidding takes place in the studios and also via our website. 

The auction starts on Friday 6th May at 6pm, the moment we open the doors for our Launch Event, 6-9pm, signalling the beginning of our weekend of activities. All are welcome to join us for a drink, refreshments and perhaps a lucky bid! 

Also launching at this event is the ‘Artworks Open’ exhibition in our Project Space gallery, a group show of the very best work selected for this national competition. The winner, announced on the night, will receive £1000 and a solo show in the gallery. 

This year we are also linking up with two other key members of the Blackhorse scene, Made By Ore jewellery workshop and Blackhorse Workshop, for the inaugural ‘The Blackhorse Arts Trek’, joining all three up into a local tour and series of events, just follow the yellow horse shoes

And for our keen smaller visitors there is the Kids Quiz with questions set by each artist to unlock secrets about the artworks in their studios. Special prizes courtesy of Jackson’s Art Supplies. 

And a special reward for those who make it round all three ‘Blackhorse Arts Trek’ locations, a limited edition Trekkers Rossette, with making tables at each venue. 

This year the Blackhorse Lane Studios: Open Studios 2014 will again invite members of the public to explore the working spaces of our 28 artists: painters, sculptors, photographers and performers, working with a whole variety of materials, ideas and making processes: 

Participating Artists:
Jacinta Appleby, Franki Austin, Anja Borowicz, Julie Caves, Nickie Counsell, Francesco de Manincor, Duncan Evans, Pauline Evans, Charlotte Gerrard, Ross Hansen, Jonet Harley-Peters, Denise Hickey, Neil Irons, Tam Joseph, Matthew Krishanu, Valerie Large, Jean-Pierre Mas, Helen Maurer, Katrin Mäurich, Lucile Montague, Benjamin Parker, Michelle Reader, Daniela Rizzi, David J Smith, William Stok, Sandie M Sutton, Barry Sykes, Emma Talbot, Marijke Vasey. 

Just a 5 minute walk from Blackhorse Road station (Victoria line and London overground) plus the 158 bus from Stratford stops right outside. 

114 Blackhorse Lane 
East London 
E17 6AA

Open Evening on Friday 6th June 6-9pm includes a horse-related playlist and bar.

Little Free Library E17

Little Free Library
I was asked to paint one of these amazing objects.
Mine will be at Arts and Crusts Cafe
There are 12 libraries you can visit in the Little Free Library E17 Project
Read more here: Little Free Libraries in East London.
The project is launching on May 31st as part of the E17 Art Trail 2014.
The project has a Facebook Page.

My 'Homage To William Morris':

Finished little library! Julie Caves.

Here are a few snapshots of it as the painting progressed.  
(I didn't take photos of the boring priming and sanding, priming and sanding, priming and sanding bits.)

Little Free Library - in studio, ready to start work.  Julie Caves.

Little Free Library painting in progress.  Julie Caves.

Little Free Library painting in progress.  Julie Caves.

Little Free Library painting in progress.  Julie Caves.

Little Free Library painting in progress.  Julie Caves.

Little Free Library door painting in progress.  Julie Caves.

Little Free Library door painting in progress.  Julie Caves.

Little Free Library painting in progress.  Julie Caves.

Little Free Library palette.  Julie Caves.

Little Free Library 2 coats of mural varnish.  Julie Caves.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

'Nooks, Crannies and Niches' exhibition

Nooks, Crannies and Niches
Seven artists in Waltham Forest Arts Club will be creating an exhibition 
at The Maker's Yard, an amazing space in East London. 
June 11-15, 2014

Julian Beere - will present an interactive 'hide and seek' artist bookwork based on an idea presented at the 'Nature Culture' exhibition at The Makers Yard, in 2013.
Fiona Emm - will present a textiles hanging.
Natalie Gray - will present a mixed media installation.
Julie Caves - will present a sculptural installation of mythical female figures camouflaged within the lush setting of The Makers Yard garden. 
Nicolette Murin - will present Waves, a site specific interaction, in the greenhouse of The Makers Yard.
Anna Bisset - will present environmental drawings made in and directly from the environment, be they outdoor or interior spaces. They will be evidence of time spent in quiet contemplation in an otherwise busy and demanding world and, as such, represent a break or a temporary escape from this reality, whilst depicting another aspect of it.
H Locke - will present a series of drawings.

Part of the E17 Art Trail
organised by Julian Beere 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Between Ingurgitate and Inhale exhibition

12 artists from Waltham Forest Arts Club
Illustration, photography, painting, printmaking, sculpture

E17 Art Trail Venue 150
May 30 - June 21 *extended to June 28*
Evening View Sat 31 May, 6.30-8.30pm
at Pictorem Gallery, East London

Brett Banks
Valeria Bateson
Michael Bowles
Julie Caves
Ad Christodoulou
Kim Chang Sook
Natalie Gray
Louise Gridley
H Locke
Robert Jackson
Katja Rosenberg
Julia Spicer

Organised by Julie Caves and Katja Rosenberg
(Thank you to Helen Porter and Matt McKenzie for their assistance with brainstorming the great title.)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Allure of Leaves exhibition

The Allure of Leaves
A 3-person show on the theme of trees and leaves.
Valeria Bateson, Julie Caves, and H Locke
at 25 West Avenue Rd
June 1-2, 2014

detail from small oil painting
by Julie Caves 2014

Thursday, May 08, 2014

My E17 Art Trail 2014

For 16 days the E17 postcode in East London is even more art-focussed than usual, and that's a lot!
Here is a list of the places you can find me during the E17 Art Trail.
I hope to squeeze in some time to get around the trail and see some of the other amazing art as well!

Between Ingurgitate and Inhale
I am organising this exhibition with Katja Rosenberg and am also showing a painting.
at Pictorem Gallery
May 30 - June 21

Art Grows on Trees

We are making work to give away.
On the trees in the Town Square.
The 3 weekends of the Trail starting May 31.

The Allure of Leaves
A 3-person show on the theme of trees and leaves.
Valeria Bateson, Julie Caves, and H Locke
at 25 West Avenue Rd
June 1-2

At Home at the Mill
I will have a painting in this group show at the community centre.
The Mill on Coppermill Lane
May 29 - July 5

Small Habits 
at the Hornbeam
I will have a small drawing in this show.
458 Hoe Street
May 29 – June 14

Nooks, Crannies and Niches
I will have sculptures in this Waltham Forest Arts Club exhibition organised by Julian Beere 
at The Maker's Yard 
June 11-15

Little Free Library
I am painting one of these amazing objects.
Mine will be at Arts and Crusts Cafe
There are 12 libraries you can visit in the Little Free Library E17 Project
Starting May 31

BAGT Silent Auction
I will have four paintings in the auction in the corridors of Blackhorse Lane Studios.
at 114 Blackhorse Lane
Online from June 1st - ends June 8th 6pm.

Blackhorse Lane Open Studios
I am one of 28 artists who are opening our workspaces.  I will have finished works and works in progress. I just have to clear a space for people to get in.
at 114 Blackhorse Lane
June 6-8

Dancing and Drawing Through Time
I am organising a drawing event along with Lissa Chapman.  Please come along and draw the figure in motion!  Hosted by Waltham Forest Arts Club.  The last day of the Trail, a great way to finish up!
at Orford House in the village
June 15

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Dancing and Drawing Through Time

Dancing and Drawing Through Time

Waltham Forest Arts Club invites you to join us, pick up a pencil or charcoal and draw the moving figure!  
Dancers from Tudor, through Morris, to Swing will be performing while artists of all levels will be drawing the movement and costumes. 
11am-4pm June 15th, 2014

Orford House Social Club
73 Orford Road
E17 9QR

The event is part of the popular E17 Art Trail in East London. An update of the schedule of dancers, musicians and possible lessons will be added to the Art Trail website listing as that information is available.
Materials kindly provided by Jackson's Art Supplies.