Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I love the autumn. Always have.
September rocks!
I have been nearly overcome the last few weeks by a thrill that feels both exciting and scary. The world is full of possibilities. The sun is out but there is a little hint of the chill to come. This perfect place between two extremes happens a bit earlier here in the UK than back in the South. I think it's about the sky, too.
(Could be why I loved school. And did better in the Autumn term than the Spring...hmmm)

This glorious feeling is a complex combination of happiness and feeling a bit sad or scared. Maybe it's like stepping onto a plane to go off to your exciting but scary future. You can't wait!
I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the air and that dizziness is enhanced by the slight feeling of something not quite right.
It is exhilarating and peculiar and wonderful.
That's why I love autumn.

This is a painting I made earlier this year called 'Autumn 4'.

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