Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mile of Art 2006 is cancelled!

Oh No! We have just been told that the Hackney Mile of Art
has been cancelled! :-(
It was to be in 2 weeks but the organisers said "too many of our regular artists have made other commitments". I guess it does take a lot of art to make a mile of it! So, they will try again next year but earlier in the summer (and I hope with a bit more advance notice and publicity).
The Good News: My friend Claire (see photo below) was so looking forward to being a barrow girl ("roll up! roll up!") that we are going to look into a market stall in Brick Lane for a weekend! And I say: I made the paintings for Mile of Art already so let's go flog 'em!
It'll need to be soon, while the weather holds...

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