Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rowans Arts - Holloway

This month I started helping with the Arts Games programs put on by Rowan Arts at the Whittington Park Community Centre.
There is an Over 60's art group that could use some more participants. If you know of any seniors in Islington who might like to attend, we would welcome them.
There is also a children's Art Games after school group that is lots of fun. The groups are both run by Anna Boggon an artist whose work I really like.
The two groups meet at separate times on the same day but see and talk about each other's work regularly and at the beginning of the summer the two groups will join together to make a project based on the theme of Games for the Holloway Arts Festival.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hackney Winter Salon

Pictures of the Hackney Museum show of small paintings and my orange one in the centre of the right wall.

"Where I Go When I Get Wet", 2006, 30x30cm, acrylic on canvas

Snow Day

February 2007, North East London
Pretty snow, not common - so fun!
(But I learned from a heavier snow a few days later, the hard way by ruining shoes, that it gets wet and dirty and slippery as it melts...)

A bike I passed on my way to work and snow at the studios!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Sitting Room

Sitting Room, 2007

A traveling artists' book exhibition dedicated to the art of sitting and reading, the books will be displayed in a domestic environment specially created in the gallery.

Permanent Gallery & the Permanent Bookshop, Brighton, UK.
Venue website

Start date: 01-Feb-2007
End date: 18-Feb-2007
Private view Wednesday 31 January 2007, 6-9pm

The setting is a carefully re-created Sitting Room within the Permanent Gallery interior, complete with comfortable armchairs, standard lamp, wallpaper, coffee table and gramophone. Visitors are encouraged to choose an artists book from the bookcase, make themselves at home and enjoy this rare opportunity to handle and interact with the limited edition artists-made book works.

Curators Tom Sowden and Lucy May Schofield, part of the Righton Press Group, based at Manchester Metropolitan University, conceived the idea for the show through a frustration of exhibiting their own books within the confines of glass cabinets. The primary benefit of using the book form as their chosen medium is to allow direct contact between the work and the viewer; the experience of reading and interacting is paramount. Sitting Room will allow the books to be read in a relaxed and cosy

Artists from the UK and throughout Europe were invited to create books based around the theme of Sitting Room and designed to be handled. Interpretations include books on domesticity, the act of sitting, reading, seated journeys, chair-related ephemera, conversations on the settee, ejector seats, superficial housework, family photograph albums, observations and viewpoints from the living room and a day in the life of a sofa. This eclectic mix of artists books represents work by acclaimed artists of national and international standing, and promises to be a truly welcoming show.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Public Pages exhibit

Friday 30 March – Friday 13 April
9.00 am – 6.00 pm
Cube3 Gallery, Portland Square,
University of Plymouth
Private View:
Thursday 29 March 6.30 pm
I have a piece from the Have A Nice Day series in
Public Pages, an exhibition of Text Art and Visual
Poetry bringing together contributions from
poets, artists and makers of works which explore
the visual and cultural impact of the sign and the
slogan in public space. Designed as a complement
to the academic conference Poetry and Public
Language, this exhibition will show works which
engage with the placement and displacement
of text on the page, that articulate the twodimensional
surface, that integrate visual and
textual elements in a composition and consider
the page as a public space, addressing a public
and entering into public debate.

There will be an on-line format soon.
Public Pages is curated by Mark Leahy.