Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Artist Statement

BFA in Sculpture and Printmaking at University of Austin, Texas.

MA in Bookarts at Camberwell College, University of the Arts London, UK.

I work with visual and written language. I am in love with metaphor, colour and texture. My paintings and artists' books are 3-dimensional so I still consider myself a sculptor. Making art allows me the freedom to be emotional and is my way of being in the world.

I enthusiastically question everything. I look at contemporary society and timeless emotions. I am interested. I feel both innocent and experienced. My work is sometimes emotional, sometimes conceptual and sometimes about colour and form, but it is always about what I think it means to be human, how I see the world.

This makes for a wide variety of work. The medium and materials are a necessary part of each piece. Some things must be painted and some things must be performed. If my work follows any kind of pattern, the pattern must include my belief that making art is a gift - the artist is giving a piece of him or herself to the world.

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