Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Going to Liverpool!

Tomorrow I am off to Liverpool for a conference called When Vision Explores Art. It is part of the Festival of Science in the European Capital of Culture. It is hosted by a group I am a member of called the Colour Group of Great Britain. It will be an all day meeting in the Victoria Gallery & Museum at the University of Liverpool. I have been looking forward to this since May.

As they say "This event will bring together scientists who study visual perception and artists. It explores how visual art can help us to understand cognitive mechanisms of vision and how the brain works. E.g. why do Bridget Riley’s paintings make your eyes go funny? We will try to provide answers to such questions based on our knowledge of how the human visual system works."

I am very excited. As it starts early I will be going up from London the day before. This means I can go pick up some of my work from View Two Gallery and go see art at the Walker Gallery!

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