Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I like Art

I like art that you want to look at over and over again, seeing something new each time. When I create art I lose myself in it and find parts of myself I don’t use in daily life. I hope that viewers can get a glimpse of the less-used parts of themselves.

When I make work to communicate an idea I love the philosophical realisations and moments of clarity that cause the idea of the work to be realised as communication and I use subtle humour to share my way of thinking. In my non-figurative work I make intuitive choices and savour the moment when everything reaches the balance point of vibrant composure, full of ambiguity and atmosphere. I am interested in colour, texture and movement.

Every day I am amazed, I enthusiastically paint my amazement. My studio practice is varied. My painting is primarily concerned with colour. My figurative work tries to puzzle out the different way I see everything and my artists' books are often visual lists. I use my interventions and gestures to make contact with other humans, often offering a moment of cheerful confusion.

Gold & Green Vegetable Forms on Blue, 2006, oil on canvas, 70x80cm

Sunday, April 20, 2008

iCandy Arts Postcard Show

I have sent 4 pieces to the annual iCandy Arts Postcard Show at the EAT@Ours Cafe in Hastings which will open on May 1, 2008 and run throughout the month.
All work will be postcard sized and will be sold for £10 per piece.
It will be a large exhibition, last year over 600 works were displayed. The artists were from all over the country and their work was massively varied.

I sent in 4 pieces. The brief was that the work be wall mountable and 6x4 inches. But since it was called The Postcard Show I decided to take it literally. I painted on my 50% Happier postcards in acrylic.

iCandy Arts

The image at the top of the hung show is from the iCandy Arts website.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


scissorspaperstone on April 12th
The first artists' book fair held by London Print Studio was well attended. I saw a few people from the book fair circuit and met loads of new people. It was good fun!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Re: exhibit

My little pop-up book Regret has been selected for an international exhibition of experimental artists' books, linked by the theme of words beginning 'Re…'.
At The Gallery , The University of Northampton, Avenue Campus, the UK.
12-May to 29-May 2008
Private view: Friday 9th May 4.30–7pm
(open weekdays 10-4, closed Bank Holiday Monday)
It has been curated by weloveyourbooks.