Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm back!

I was away for a few weeks to take care of some family problems.
But all is getting better now!

Next week I am off to Hungary for the CREATE colour conference and training session. Colour scientists mix with artists and try to understand each others language. Fun times!

Here is a new thing I am working on: analysing a finished painting by making changes in Photoshop to see if it could be better if it were painted with different values, hues or combinations. Have just started trying it, may be a tool to learn more about painting. We shall see.
I started it because I always have to colour correct my photos of my paintings, they are never right. And I always have ended up playing around with them and some looked better with the additional changes. So now I am going backwards and trying to put the changes to use back in the original painting or in another painting.

Original Painting

High key. Saturated lights and few darks.

Hue variation. Closer values and less saturation.

Hue variation. Dark values. Low contrast and medium saturation.

Original oil painting of a house in Florida.

Higher contrast with more saturated lights.

Less contrast with closer values at the dark end of the scale.

Hue and contrast variation. I love this one, looks like moonlight!

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