Wednesday, June 10, 2009

July Mail Art Project

I will be participating in a mail art project with Mark Philip Venema next month.

The rules state that each card must be unique (so not all 30 cards the same) and must be sent through the post (so not in an envelope) so that the handling process is visible on the work and perhaps even part of the concept, and all 30 made and posted in a one-month period.

I can’t wait!

At this writing there looks like there is still room in the group.
The limit is 30. (Then I think another group will form of the next 30.)


Jen Lula said...

What is the mail art project all about? It sounds cool!!

Julie Caves said...

Hi Jen
You can see what it is about and the rules here:

Glad you are interested! Maybe we'll make cards for each other.

mischief said...

Really good fun I can tell you, but REALLY hard work to try and hit the deadline! I'm on it this month and havin a hell of a time trying to fit it all in around work and having a life. Well sorth getting started sooner rather than later I can say.

Good luck!

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Julie Caves said...

The deadline will be a challenge that is for sure! At this point I am still deciding which ideas to go with. I can't wait to see yours up on-line!