Sunday, November 08, 2009

The latest news

October and November have been quite busy.

* I finished the 2 series' for the #MailArt project and posted them off. I have been receiving the exchange cards almost every day and have been scanning them and posting them to the Flickr page.

* I will have a small painting in the Waltham Forest Art Club Winter Show in December. One of the Twilight series.

* I am making a big painting to take to the States next week. First time to roll a painting. Will be good to learn how that works out. Especially since the oil will not be bone dry.

* The CREATE conference in Gargnano, Italy was fantastic. Lots of conservation science. Really fascinating. And gratifying to know there are people out there devoting their time to preserving art, old and new. I have plans to work with some Italian scientists to look at the longevity of some of the materials I use. We also have a collaborative art project going and I am working with some great people, it should be interesting.

* The Twitter 140 Art Show finished its exhibition in Arizona and is looking for its next home. Anyone with ideas please contact me.

* I participated in Ryan Gander's We Are Constant project at the Frieze Art Fair. It was my favourite piece at the show.

* I attended an intensive workshop on colour with Jane de Sausmarez. It was great to do all the exercises I had read about in all the good colour theory books like Johannes Itten's book. We did 20 hours of exact mixing and painting of charts, ruthless.

* I ran out of the studio last night just in time to make it to see the last of the Guy Fawkes Night fireworks in Victoria Park. Beautiful, reflecting on the canal. Ooh, ahh.

* It looks like the Colour Group of Great Britain will not be having an exhibition in December as planned. Don't know when, now.

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