Friday, August 26, 2011

Art Grows on Trees

Every year on the long pathway to the Town Square the trees will grow pieces of art to be picked!
Art Grows on Trees is one of the Waltham Forest Arts Club's projects for the E17 Art Trail.

I have made two series of small works on paper for this event.
The Whole Picture 2.
I created a 22x30in acrylic painting on paper and cut it into 28 pieces. They each make a nice artwork that can be framed or posted on the wall. Plus there is the possibility that sometime in the future all 28 recipients will get together and the pieces of the painting will be reunited and they can see the whole picture.

Blue Birds mini prints.
After taking a class with Stephen Fowler at Falkiner's I carved a set of 3 stamps in the shapes of pigeons which I have been drawing a lot lately.
I then drew on the stamps with ink pencils and printed them onto paper and added some painted details.

Now I just need to package them up for hanging in the trees during the E17 Art Trail!

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