Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Lisa Freeman's text about the Curiosity Exhibition

For her talent with words in addition to her talent with art a big thank you to Lisa Freeman for her great text about the Curiosity Exhibition.


"Art, to Julie Caves, is all around us. There’s a fine line between a work of art and the art of nature, and she is constantly walking the tightrope between the two. This is most notably seen in her large window paintings, where she has created a series of works of views through windows, some with panes in view so the window is quite apparent, and in other compositions no pane is shown so the work resembles and references traditional landscape painting. Reminiscent of Gary Hume’s enamel Door Paintings from the mid-90s, instead of confronting us with a barrier to a world beyond, Caves’ windows invite us to explore that same world, and realise it really is quite beautiful.

Read the full text in the press release on the website.

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