Thursday, August 01, 2013

“Quantum: A journey through The Standard Model” exhibition at Espacio Gallery

For the exhibition “Quantum: A journey through The Standard Model” 12 artists have grappled with the mind-bending ideas behind modern physics with some unexpected outcomes. 
7-19 November 2013 at Espacio Gallery in East London.

The exhibition is a visual conversation between the participating artists about The Standard Model of Particle Physics through a diversity of disciplines. Using their works they raise a fundamental question posed by those who look in at this field from the outside. How do we connect with a subject, on a human level, that can at times be so alien and so far removed from common sense? 

Within the exhibition delicate prints and drawings face expressionist pieces, figurative and kinetic sculptures set off character studies of physicists, icons collide with Black Holes and to top it all, visitors are invited to have a go at a hands on "particle collider" set up in the gallery.

The artists have been working on the project for almost a year.  Catch-up with their ideas and progress at

A number of events will be taking place during the course of the exhibition to stimulate conversations between the public, the artists and scientists.  This includes a Private View on Thursday 7th November, artist-led tours on Saturday 9th November, a lecture by Dr David Berman, Theoretical Physicist at Queen Mary College, University of London on Thursday 14th November at 7:30pm. A catalogue detailing the works with a written contribution from Dr David Berman will also accompany this stimulating exhibition.

The exhibition will be held at Espacio Gallery, 159 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 7DG.  Entry is free. 

"…about the standard model, the laws of the very large and the laws of the very small, it has got me thinking that perhaps we as human beings exist at a golden size where reality is at its best."- Roan Allen

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