Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Resurrection: Life through Death in Midwinter

Resurrection: Life through Death in Midwinter

December 18, 2014 - January 20, 2015
Artefacto Bespoke Tattoo and Art Space
476 High Road Leytonstone, E11 3HN London

"Traditionally in Northern European climes people would work through the spring,summer and early autumn and then retire in the dark months of winter. It was a time for celebrations, family gatherings, meetings, story telling at the fireside and artistic creation. Industry so to speak was limited to what could be done during daylight hours and at the candle or fire light...tapestries, jewelery, painting, storytelling, music, sagas, making furniture etc... People would eat what they had gathered, farmed, hunted etc.., they shared, they loved and they came together. Rather than a time concentrating on death,and on manufacturing and working, as it is in modern times of electricity and industrial revolution, winter as a time for creation. Like with the acorns and other seeds falling into the forest ground, ideas would grow and it was seen as a season in which the world regenerated. It was the season of the old wise crone, a time to remember ones ancestors in order to inform ones future. It was a time of sex and feasting. Dancing and merriment. Of re-energising. Of contemplation from which spring would burst forth...but always aware that it was in winter in which seeds would fall and burrow into the soil, animals would become with child etc. Life through death...a Resurrection in the making... Midwinter solstice is not only the darkest and longest night but is also marked by traditional cultures as the New Year, the time when the days begin to grow.A New Light within the darkness..."

I have a small painting in the exhibition.

Julie Caves Resurrection
Oil painting on panel

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