Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Photos from the Nature Culture exhibition

Nature Culture exhibition.
May 24 - June 2 2013 at Makers Yard.
Much of the artwork by the 17 artists.
Click for larger views.

Nature Culture at Makers Yard
Anna Spain - tarantula cocoon

Danielle Michalitsianos - tattoos on wood, nature images on the body

Fiona Emm - crochet coral

Fiona Emm - gum photography of Walthamstow Marshes

Julian Beere - sculptural installation

Julie Caves - "Babe, Won't it Bee Fine No.3"

Julie Caves - pigeon drawing and bird lights

Lucy Gregory - drawings (plus a fly theatre prop)

Maureen Gallaccio prints, Susan Comegys ultra violet photography

Michelle Reader - duck made of plastic coffee cups

Michelle Reader - duck made of plastic coffee cups (view 2)

Natalie Gray - wire sculpture puffin

Yvonne Overton's studio window

Yvonne Overton - paintings

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