Monday, June 03, 2013

Quantum/Standard Model exhibition at Espacio Gallery

12 artists are working towards an exhibition about physics
at Espacio Gallery near Brick Lane in London.
6 November 2013 - lasting 2 weeks  
Details will soon be available. 

We are working with a physicist from St Mary University who will be giving a talk during the exhibition and writing an essay for the catalogue. We will all have been working on the art for the exhibition for over 12 months and the evolving work has been fascinating so far. Lots of learning, interacting and helpful critiques. Everyone is going in different directions- some looking deeply at particle physics and others looking at the popularity of "science for everyman". It is going to be a really good exhibition.

Here is something I have been working on:
Motion is Shape, acrylic on canvas 100x70cm

I've been thinking about:
particles and waves, shape and motion, symmetry, macroscopic and microscopic, and vibrations among other mind-expanding things. The world is not what we intuitively think it is.

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