Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Waltham Forest Arts Club at The North Star

Waltham Forest Arts Club at The North Star
an exhibition as part of the
Leytonstone Arts Trail July 6-14 2013.

Waltham Forest Arts Club will have a group exhibition of painting, drawing and a wide variety of types of sculpture in the lovely garden and inside at the North Star pub for the 9 days of the Leytonstone Arts Trail. With an evening event on Tuesday July 9th 7-10pm (or later) with a new band - The Broken Swing Band, an artist talk by sculptor Brett Banks, and possible interactive sculpture participation games.
The North Star pub is in a designated conservation area, dates from 1858, and is named for a train so has lots of interesting train memorabilia.
North Star
24 Browning Road
E11 3AR
Opening Hours: 
Monday 4-11pm / Tuesday-Friday 12-11pm / Saturday-Sunday 12-8pm
A 5-minute walk from Leytonstone tube station the Central line.


Anonymous said...

Surely July?

Julie Caves said...

Well spotted. Thanks, yes, the evening event is July. I have corrected it.