Saturday, January 14, 2017

Seeing Red at Espacio

The ‘Seeing Red’ group exhibition, showing for two weeks at Espacio Gallery (31 January – 12 February 2017), will fill the two floors of the large beautiful space with glowing colour.

The colour red grabs your attention; it fascinates and captivates.

Whether scarlet, crimson, maroon, vermilion, berry, ruby, rose, burgundy, carmine, brick, or cerise – red is both satisfying and exciting. The strong feelings suggested by the colour red – passionate love, blood and anger – are always stimulating! Artists have a close understanding of colour and use it to great advantage – as Matisse famously said: “A thimble full of red is redder than a bucketful.”

The 18 colourist artists in the exhibition celebrate the many ways to see the colour red. Red can boost your energy, it exudes confidence and is life-affirming, so this show is a great place to visit in the middle of a dreary London winter. With a focus on painting, the artwork in this show also includes printmaking, collage, drawing and photography. The subjects of interest to the artists in this show include: extinction of species, histories of Asia, human impact on the landscape, the natural world, landscape painting, the colour of flowers, the urban environment, the current political situation, food, nighttime seascapes, portraits, and pure abstraction.

The artists exhibiting in ‘Seeing Red’ are: John Adams, Terry Beard, Tania Beaumont, Liz Brown, Paul Butler, Christine Calow, Laurence Cammas, Julie Caves, Bozena Czyz, Kanwal Dhaliwal, Zelda Eady, Laura Gompertz, Raina Goran, Sally Grumbridge, Philip Leevers, Laura New, Tina Viljoen, and Cary Whitworth.

Organiser Sally Grumbridge, who has organised exhibitions themed around colour before, says: “I hope the exhibition will show how colour can inspire artists and help them communicate. The Espacio Gallery walls will be alive with vibrant, exciting work in all hues of red. The show should appeal to people who love colour, people who are interested in the meaning of colour and people who wish to be cheered up on a grey February afternoon!”

See images on the Jackson's Art blog.

Pleased to have my work included in Fated and Fabled's Best of February.

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