Saturday, February 25, 2017

Deep Space exhibition

Come see my painting 'Portholes' on the wall in

'This Year’s Model 2017 part II: Deep Space’
at Studio1.1 Gallery on Redchurch St. London
3 - 26 March, private view Thursday 2 March 6-9pm

Peter Roseman, Hitomi Kammai, Michele Marcoux, Day Bowman, Marianne Shorten, Alison Goodyear, Molly Thomson, Matthew Herring, Miranda Boulton, Heidi Cooke, William Wright, Shiroma Ratne, Wendy Saunders, Fernando Leon-Guiu, Ritva Raitsalo, Richard Harris, David Turner, Spencer Walton, Euan Stewart, Emma Coop, Sacha Meaden, Emma Tod, Julie Caves, Etienne De Villiers, Playpaint.

'Portholes' 50x80cm oil on canvas 2016 Julie Caves

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